More than a crisis, the covid-19 pandemic and our deeper awareness calling us to deal with racial inequities in western cultural is confronting us with a “new reality” that profoundly shakes our health, economic, political and cultural ways of living.
We have remembered the fragility of our condition, and we are becoming aware that something has been wrong for a long time.
These times are flooded with fear and pain… but also with creativity and hope.
This is an opportunity to review the ways we relate with ourselves, with others and the world.
A time that calls us for a renewed consciousness and creative actions.
To value the network of the collective, the sense of collaboration, the responsibility that connects us with everyone and everything around.

Core Energetics invites us into a journey to expand our consciousness…
From the most contracted states, to openness and expansion.
From protection and separation, to interconnectedness and collaboration.
From being identified with our destructive capacity, to live in a more constructive and fulfilling way.

To achieve this, we are encouraged to go through a four-stage process: penetrating the Mask Self, releasing identification with the Lower Self, centering in the Higher Self, and uncovering the Life Plan.
So, as a Core practitioner we invite you to come and explore together…

How does this organizing principle work?
What is the method and the art behind it?
How can it help us to navigate uncertainty and meet the challenges of rapid change on so many levels?
How can we apply it to bring in more collective consciousness in times of chaos and fear?
Which are the most effective interventions we can offer to support collective transformation?
What else do we need to learn and integrate?

Our 2022 convention invites us to address these fundamental questions; to examine our “certainties”; to open up how we perceive our work; to bring in new ways and perspectives, and to expand our “understanding” of the deepest gifts this evolutionary process can offer in this unpredictable and uncertain times.

“We can survive with the virus, with the infection, since it is part of the complexity of the biological world, but not with unconsciousness and selfishness”

Donna Haraway

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