Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Convention´s Organizing Committee, as well as the International Core Energetics Association, decided to change the date of the event. See the information below.

From Fear to Trust & Hope

Evolving the Collective Through the Core Energetics Journey.

What Core Energetics has to offer in these unpredictable times?

Come… let´s learn together

We look forward to seeing you!!!


We raise our voice again to welcome you to the 2022 Core Energetics Convention.

As you know, we postponed the original date of our International Core Energetics Convention to August 18th-22nd, 2021, to allow things to settle.

However, as we watch the pandemic develop during these last months, we have concluded that during the suggested dates (August 2021) the most scenario is that it will not be safe enough to carry out an event with so many people meeting in person.

We believe we all deserve to experience this so-waited-for convention in a live format fashion, with the richness that the in-person encounter has offered to all of us up to now.

Due to the above, we wish to inform you that the International Core Energetics Convention Directors Board has decided to postpone the convention to August 17th-21st, 2022.

Please, keep on reading on this website to keep you updated.

We look forward to meet with you in person in 2022!

Date & Prices

The Core Convention will be held from Wednesday, August 17th (3 p.m.) to Sunday 21th, 2022 (4.00 p.m.) in Cancún, México.

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